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About Us

About Nerd Rally

After searching and searching for anime art we loved and wanted to get, we noticed there was none. Rather than wait for someone to make art we liked, we decided – we would make it ourselves.

Nerd Rally was built out of a desire to create high-quality prints and stickers that were more than just a screenshot of an anime. We pick our favorite characters and scene and try to reimagine them in cool and exciting ways.

We hope you like our collections and if there’s anything you’d like that you don’t see, let us know!

Free shipping

We want you to be happy with your purchase. On any order over $25, we’ll take care of the shipping. Just use promo code: FREESHIPPING

New art

We’re constantly designing new art. If you don’t see your favorite anime, just come back, and I’m sure we’ll have something you like soon.

10% off orders over $30

Use promo code: RALLY10

20% off orders over $50

Use promo code: NERD20